Business we are in

Knowledge provider for the lubricants industry from a vast experience and network in

  • Tribology Reserach

  • Raw Material Suppliers

  • Lubricants Formulators

  • Service Providers
Transportation and Industrial Users


Players in the Lubricant Industry that have a need to draw from External Knowledge to

  • start new projects and collaboration

  • boost temporary resources in project management

  • solve problems in existing and new applications

  • think „outside the box“ to strengthen their innovation portfolio


We offer consulting on contractual basis and could
- lead cross company/institutional research projects

  • assist in submitting research proposals
- suggest product development routes for unsolved problems
select products to solve specific applications

  • provide lubricant supply chain strategies and assisit in implementation for both, toll manufacturing and capital projects
represent clients and scout for new technologies at conferences and trade scoieties


Lubricate more efficiently to save resources and deliver financial value